Cavendish Children's Belt - Royal Navy

£ 50 

An exquisite handcrafted children's belt, featuring a webbing strap trimmed in the finest quality blue / red leather and a solid brass 'London loop' buckle.

The Cavendish belt is a true piece of British craftsmanship. Made exclusively for Britannical by master belt makers in a workshop in the south of England, this blue / red leather belt exudes luxury and attention to detail. Its British-sourced leather trim is hand cut and sewn to perfection. Its buckle is hand worked to be just the right shape and weight. Its college stripe webbing strap is durable yet soft. The Cavendish combines superlative quality and practicality, the British way.  

The belt is named after the grand 18th century square in the heart of London's West End and, in turn, one of Britain's pre-eminent aristocratic families. In the Royal Navy Blue colour variation, it features a navy blue leather trim, and a navy blue and red webbing strap. 

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