Care Guide

Britannical luxury children's coats luxury kids coats luxury children's clothing made in Britain


Our coats and accessories are made to be handed down from generation to generation, but they do benefit from a little tender loving care along the way. Below, we have listed some care information, as a supplement to the care instructions found on the labels of our pieces, so that your Britannical treasures will stand the test of time. 


- We recommend that all coats are hung up when not worn and, preferably, stored in a zipped garment storage bag at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

- The luxury wool cloth outers of our coats have been specially selected so they do not pill or malt to any great extent. Any excess fibres that appear when the coat is first worn can simply be removed by hand or with a soft coat brush.

- Our coats should be professionally dry cleaned when necessary, but never for the sake of it. Our natural wool cloth is intrinsically stain resistant so often a light brush with a damp cloth will do. 



- Our accessories in woven silk should be stored away from sunlight and at room temperature, preferably laid flat in their original presentation box.

- They should kept away from liquids and should be professionally dry cleaned.


- We recommend that our knitwear is stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

- Our knitwear can be either professional dry cleaned or carefully hand-washed at a low temperature and on a specialist setting for delicate cloths. After hand-washing, our knitwear should be worked back into its original form by hand and left to dry, laid flat, on a drying board.

- We have chosen luxury cashmere yarn and lambswool yarn for our knitwear that does not pill excessively. If some pilling occurs on the first few occasions that the knitwear is worn, simply remove any excess fibres by hand. 


- We recommend that our leather goods are kept away from water, and are stored away from direct sunlight and at room temperature.

- Leather goods should be treated periodically with leather feed.


Have you lost a button on one of our garments? Don't despair! Simply drop us a line and we will send you a replacement.