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We make no secret of the fact that our luxury apparel and accessories are made in Britain, using the finest British materials. We take great pride in being able to say that our pieces are the very best of British. But why does it matter that our coats are made in Britain?

Many brands state that their apparel is British made as if ‘British made’ is a by-word for superiority that requires no justification. We, however, think the merits of British clothing should not be taken for granted and need to be justified to today’s discerning consumers. 

Here are the reasons that we believe in British:



We use British milled cashmere, lambswool, or merino cloth for our coats because it is woven and dyed to perfection, using techniques that have been perfected over generations. Time and care are taken over the production of our cloth. Yarns are hand-sourced and spun to perfection, weaves are refined, dyes are tried and tested. The end result is cloths that are of outstanding quality, that are extraordinarily soft to the touch, and that come in unique tones. We choose to make our coats in Britain because of the craftsmanship and the old fashioned attention to detail that characterises British manufacturing. Our coats are hand-finished by skilled men and women who have undertaken extensive apprenticeships to master their craft. Having our coats made in Britain also means that we are able to oversee their production far more easily, control the quality of our coats, and make sure that our high standards are maintained.




 Bespoke cloth by Britannical luxury children's clothing made in Britain girls coats


The yarns from which our cloth is made and the expert way in which they are woven make for super soft coats that babies and young children love to wear. The wool fabrics we use are warm yet relatively lightweight, supple, and breathable - perfect for the adventurous toddler. The homegrown design and manufacturing expertise that we use makes our clothing last.  Our coats are cut to fit children for not just one season but, with care, two or even three. We use beautiful linings that look sensational when our coats' cuffs are turned up to accommodate shorter arms or to create a chic three-quarter length look.  



 Britannical luxury children's clothing made in Britain boys coats


We use pure wool cloth that do not need the 'help' of man-made fibres to exude quality and feel wonderfully soft. We believe that pure cashmere, merino, and lambswool are kinder to delicate young skin, not to mention warmer and more breathable. We look back to a time when fine apparel featured all-natural fabrics and no corners were cut when it came to quality. 

 Britannical luxury children's clothing made in Britain girls coats


Natural British fabrics are also sustainable and do not harm the environment like synthetic fabrics, which are often made from non-renewable resources and cannot biodegrade. The fact that we, as a British brand, use British cloth and craftsmanship means that our pieces have no more than a baby carbon footprint. It also means that we, in our own way, support local economies and local communities across Britain.

 Britannical luxury children's clothing made in Britain boys coats


We make our coats in Britain because it is important to us to ensure that all those people who contribute to our brand are earning at least a living wage and are working in safe environments in which their rights as workers are upheld. We are committed to investing in Britain's workforce, and we are believe passionately that children's clothing should not be made by children.

 Britannical luxury children's clothing made in Britain girls coats


We choose to make our pieces in Britain and we use British materials to help preserve the country's rich textile production heritage for the next generation. Some of the mills from which we source our cloth were founded over 200 years ago during the Industrial Revolution. By giving these mills our custom today, we hope to play a role in ensuring that they will last another 200 years. In a world of out-sourcing and mass-production, we want to celebrate the artisanship and the integrity that have been woven into quality British manufacturing over the centuries. 

 Britannical luxury children's clothing made in Britain girls coats


A cheap item of clothing and a good item of clothing are often two very different things. A low coat mass-produced item may well serve its owner for a month or two but will it last beyond that? Our pieces are made by British craftsmen and craftswomen so that they stand the test of time and can be passed from one generation to the next as treasured heirlooms. They are an investment. Our garments also come with a story. They have provenance and they represent a piece of Britain's textile production heritage. 








 Britannical luxury children's clothing made in Britain boys coats




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