We at Britannical are big believers in doing one thing well – and that one thing for us is making coats. We’re perfectionists, in fact, and our modest goal is producing the very best children’s outerwear in the world.

From the highest quality wool cloth to the most special buttons, from immaculate tailoring to sumptuous satin linings, attention to detail is our signature, and ensuring that your child has a coat that both you and they will treasure is our motivation.

You could say that it’s in our fabric. With over 120 years of heritage in London coat making, we’ve learned a thing or two, and the principles we bring to our production have changed very little. In a world where fast fashion, synthetic fabrics, and offshoring are the order of the day, and degrading labour practices are all too common place, we handcraft our coats ethically in the heart of London. We use time-honoured tailoring techniques, and we only use the finest natural and sustainable wool cloth. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Yet, despite looking to the past for our principles, we stand for a very modern form of British luxury. The past inspires our designs and tradition influences our craftsmanship, but we have never wanted to merely recreate styles from a bygone era. Our goal is to revitalise and refine the traditional so as to create coats that have a desirability and relevancy today and in the future.

Britannical, in short, is about modern heritage - keeping one foot in the past, but eyes straight ahead!